WINTER WORKSHOP (dates to be announced)

  • 7 classes (usually one every three weeks)
  • 7 participants max
  • $475
  • If you'd like to be contacted about dates send me an email.
  • All classes take place in the Upper West Side.





  • Three one on one meetings.
  • The first meeting is a half hour long. We'll discuss your current work and goals.  At this meeting you will submit one full length play, screenplay, or work in progress.    
  • The second meeting occurs within three weeks of submission. This is when I give you feedback and answer all your questions.  This meeting is 1.5 hours long.
  • The third meeting occurs a month after the second. Prior to meeting you will send me your rewrites; which we will then proceed to discuss. This meeting is one hour long.
  •  $675   

See what past student's have to say about workshops and consultations...


"What makes Rogelio Martinez a superb writing coach and teacher? He listens to the reading of a scene then in just a few minutes he asks questions that focus on exactly what we need to think about to move forward or give pragmatic suggestions for bringing out the writer's intent - for example, "you don't need that much build up - start just before this action." He "teaches" through his comments on a scene so we see immediately what he means. No abstract lecturing or feedback that judges and tries to shape the story away from the writer's vision, even when that vision is still in embryo… but if you combine all Rogelio's comments, you realize he is not giving random comments. He is constantly heightening our awareness of concept, structure, character-plot relationships, balance and pacing of scenes, etc., etc.

Results of his workshops for me: When I took the first of three workshops with Rogelio Martinez, I had taken workshops with about ten playwrights and dramaturgs, in addition to college writing courses, and I had taken a year or more to write three plays in various combinations of talk-spout-tangents-exposition. I now have two solid drafts of plays- and soon the third - written under a pen name, not my own - that I can peddle to producers, including one that so far has been a finalist in one contest, received Honorable Mention in another and just became a semi-finalist for a festival with hope it will keep moving forward. Each of the three workshops had a completely different group of writers and a huge range of subjects and styles, but Rogelio responded with respect and creative, positive suggestions."        -- Theodora Beal


"Rogelio Martinez is not just a talented playwright. He is that rare artist who selflessly shares his craft and his passion with others. His intuition and constructive criticism have made the evolution of my own work, something, of which I can be proud. Rogelio has a uniquely positive way of not sugar-coating his critique and analysis, that ensures you learn from mistakes and feel confident that he has set you on the right path.His openness to discussion and insistence that you understand and learn from him, is what sets Rogelio apart from so many teachers/mentors, in any field It has been a privilege to study with Rogelio and I am grateful for his willingness to share his wisdom and insight. He inspires me, more than anyone, to continue doing what I love."       --John Murray


"Rogelio Martinez is a remarkable teacher who truly helps his students to write their very best plays. He has such a inherent understanding of character, plot and dialogue, and communicates his ideas with passion and clarity. Rogelip helped me write my first play, SAFE, which won best play at The Planet Connections Theater Festival, and I KNOW WHAT BOYS WANT, which was chosen as one of the best plays produced at an indie theater by New York Before I took Rogelio's class, I had no idea how to write a play. Now I'm happy that I have had plays produced not only in New York, but Edinburgh and Dublin. Thank you, Rogelio!"   -- Penny Jackson